Tool & Die

We have an in-house Tool and Die department employing a staff of highly trained and experienced Tool and Die makers. We strive to provide high quality custom tooling that exceeds your standards. We can setup for virtually any job and guarantee that your tool or part will be returned to you as promised!

Resharpening Services

Yes, we resharpen all types of blades. We also balance, straighten and demagnetize your blades at no additional charge. If you need your blade back fast, let us know! We currently have same day service with no extra charge to you!

Advanced Tooling & Equipment

We are equipped with the most advanced precision cutting and custom tooling machines, including a Mitsubishi wire EDM machine for precision cutting and a Precision 4 Axis CNC Mill for tough custom tooling requirements.


Better Prices, Better Quality

A family owned business, Ranger Blade Manufacturing has positioned itself as a premier industrial blade company. We pride ourselves on our ability to ensure correct engineering, material selection, prompt delivery and better prices than most of our competition. Quality is what we strive to achieve in all aspects of our business.

Next Steps...

To speak with one of our representatives you can call toll free at: 

1-800-377-7860 or email us at [email protected].